2023 Türkiye Plastics Exhibition

ZTECH will participate in the plastic exhibition held in Türkiye from November 22 to 25, 2023. The booth number is 11A/128A, and the exhibition hall is in Hall 11A. The exhibition l

asts for four days and will be an important occasion for us to communicate and cooperate with leading enterprises and professionals in the global plastic and rubber industry.


As a company dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient bubble film mechanical equipment and solutions, ZTECH will showcase our most advanced bubble film machines, coreless winding machines, and other products at the exhibition. These devices have been carefully designed and manufactured, with excellent performance and stability, and can meet production lines of different scales and needs.


We will conduct equipment operation and performance demonstrations at the exhibition site, allowing customers to personally experience the excellent performance of our technology. In addition, our professional team will have in-depth communication with on-site audiences to understand their needs and challenges, and provide customized solutions. We are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions that best meet their business needs, improving production efficiency and product quality.


As one of the most influential events in the industry, Türkiye Plastics Fair will attract professionals and leading enterprises from all over the world. We look forward to working with industry partners to explore the latest trends and technological developments in the industry, and promote more cooperation opportunities and commercial cooperation.


ZTECH has always attached great importance to technological innovation and research and development investment. At this exhibition, we will focus on showcasing the latest technological innovations and product improvements, including intelligent control systems, efficient energy consumption reduction solutions, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, etc. We fully understand the importance of environmental protection and are committed to providing sustainable development solutions to create greater economic benefits and social value for our customers.


This exhibition is also a great opportunity for us to have in-depth communication and cooperation with existing customers and potential partners. By sharing our technological advantages and market experience with them, we hope to further strengthen our cooperative relationship and jointly promote the development and innovation of the plastic rubber industry.


Thank you to the exhibition organizers for providing this valuable platform, which gave us the opportunity to showcase our innovative technology and outstanding products. We sincerely invite people from all walks of life to visit the booth of ZTECH and have face-to-face communication with our team. If you need any further information or cooperation intentions outside of the exhibition, please feel free to contact us at any time.


ZTECH is looking forward to meeting you at Türkiye Plastics Exhibition and providing you with excellent products and services!

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